Help Radar

Because some of us need a little help, and others want to provide the help.

Created by people with big hearts.

Phase 1: List of Community Resources
The first phase of the website was built to be a community resource, where people can connect with existing organizations to receive or provide help. If you know of a resource that you don't see listed, please contact us directly with the information!

Phase 2: Peer-to-Peer Community Collaboration
The second phase of the website will be a peer-to-peer service, where people can anonymously list the things they need, and volunteers can offer to help them. Obviously, there are many legal issues which will need to be worked through to achieve this. (Thus it's a part of phase two!)
Help Radar was built by a team of small business owners who want to make the world a better place. For questions about the site or how to get involved, please contact us: