About helpradar

The short version: Help Radar is an online directory of charitable non-profit organizations, dedicated volunteer groups, and informational resources to help serve anyone in need.⁠

The longer version:⁠ Founder, Erica Martin, has a big heart. Sometimes this can be a troublesome issue... Other times, it can lead to the creation of a directory assist other people in getting the help they need, wherever they are.⁠

In March 2020, the first iteration of Help Radar came to life to provide links to local resources in Missouri to support community members struggling through the outbreak of COVID-19. By May there were plenty of other online resources in place, so Erica chose to let them take the lead.⁠

Between the recent SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, browsers and search engines selling personal information, and the lack of grass roots support for individuals, Erica decided is was time to restart her passion project.⁠