FACE of Boone County


The Family Access Center of Excellence (FACE) of Boone County is a single point of entry for families with youth ages 0-19 who are seeking services for social, emotional, or behavioral concerns. What we do is we complete a detailed assessment to help families identify areas of concern and we assist them by linking them with appropriate services to address their needs. Each family will be assigned a clinical case manager who will partner with them from the beginning to make sure that appropriate services are received as well as to support the family throughout the process.

FACE of Boone County will continue to receive referrals and provide services to youth and families. However, as our office is closed due to COVID-19, we will be working remotely. Please call: (573) 771-3223 for support.

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Point of Contact: (573) 771-3223
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This resource was confirmed on: March 21, 2020
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