Request for Medical Masks and Gowns

Program Overview:
There is an urgent request from the Missouri Chamber of Commerce for medical masks and gowns. As COVID-19 begins to spread rapidly in our state, we need more personal protective equipment for our state's medical caregivers and first responders who will come in contact with patients.
Donation Instructions:

The Missouri Department of Economic Development is urgently searching for companies that are either currently producing, or can begin producing in a short time frame, the following items: N95 medical masks and basic medical gowns (large and extra-large sizes).

If you can assist with this request, please respond to Michelle Hataway at Please answer the below questions in your response to Michelle:

  • Which item can you produce? Mask? Gown? Both?
  • When can you start production?
  • Potential daily output?
  • Do you already have the supply chain established for these products? If not, what would you need to acquire?
  • Are there other production factors that need to be resolved before you could make these products? Can you provide a basic cost estimate? Utilize whatever per quantity or per-unit pricing is most relevant for you.
  • Are there other items that need to be addressed?
  • ‚ÄčAre you willing but need much more information before you can respond?
Location: n/a
This program was confirmed on: March 22, 2020
Program Needs:
  • N95 medical masks
  • basic medical gowns (size large and extra-large)
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