The Homies

Program Overview:
We are setting up a fund that all food service people can use to see relief from necessary bills during this time and until we can get things back on track in the world. A server that’s been laid off temporarily and is struggling to pay rent, a dishwasher whose car payment is already 35 days late. You get the point. We, as restaurant owners, will work with each other to determine how and what we can do. We can assure you this will NOT go to pay for any aspect of any business. This is for the Homies.
Donation Instructions:
As a secondary goal, some of us are already providing meals to kids and families that are suffering right now, as well as our overworked healthcare professionals, and even some of our Homies that need a decent meal while they’re struggling with other parts of life. Any and all money not being used for the Homies will go to fund these Family Meals. If this trying time has shown us anything, it’s that our Community is real, and it is here to support our own. Help us do some good together when our people need it the most.
Location: n/a
This program was confirmed on: March 20, 2020
Program Needs:
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