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We are here to help make sure children are given every opportunity for safe, affordable, and secure childcare during this uncertain time with the Coronavirus. We are developing a program that will begin on March 18th, the first day schools are out. Drop off will begin at 7:45 AM with pick up by 6 PM. Arrangements can be made with your individual assigned group leader if you need a later pick up time.

How will social distancing work in this environment?

Children will be assigned to our makeshift classrooms, with a maximum of six children per space and mingling between rooms including during physical activity time will be limited. Children will be arranged based on family, and then age to limit the exposure to the virus. Cleanliness will remain a top priority at all times and will require at minimum a complete sanitation procedure in between each activity, hourly, and before a new group enters the play area. Inside each room, activities for arts & crafts, games, educational activities, including math, reading, and writing, plus meals will provide an overall fun and positive, along with sanitary, atmosphere for the children in our care. This program will fall within the CDC guidelines and will be a modified social distancing program that programs all across the nation are implementing to allow kids a safe and secure and supervised environment, that is clean, sanitized, and will give parents the peace of mind to continue working. This program will model the school day plus breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided!

This program is limited in numbers of children we can safely take. Your child will be exposed to less than 25 children and adults, will be screened daily for symptoms, and will be supervised in a fun, creative, and educational environment that is actively monitored for safety, security, and most importantly cleanliness! Children must be school age and symptom free (no fevers, headaches, cough, cold symptoms, or vomiting) and will be assessed daily at drop off! Your child will exclusively be within a group at all times, with less than 6 children in each group, separated by rooms. We, again, know this isn’t social distancing by definition, but we also know for several families this isn’t possible or realistic, as parents still have to work and kids still need a safe place to go.

Our facility and program will be overseen and monitored by the health department, will follow all recommendations set forth by the CDC and local officials, and will limit exposure as much as possible. There will be no public admission into the facility during this program. This is the ONLY way we can keep your children safe while also helping the community and give everyone a SAFE and fun extended “school break!”

The cost of this program will be on a sliding scale based on family income. To make this affordable, we are asking for $25/single child or $50/family max per day. This totals to $150/week or $250/week per family. If your family cannot afford this rate at this time, we will allow proof of income or other childcare subsidy to be provided for a lower rate. However, this will be on a case by case basis. We will require an enrollment packet with contact information, plus information regarding your child to be completed prior to arrival on the first day of the program. We will also need payment to be completed prior to drop off each day.

If you would like any other information or information on how to enroll, please give me a call or shoot me an email. We hope this program will help families brave this storm and virus a little easier.

Management Team

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Point of Contact: (314) 452-6877
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