Tiger Bounce

Program Overview:
Urgent need: We have had 16 families (approximately 42 children, 18 adults) registered to receive food donations as of this morning. Our team came together and we were able to meet the needs of this number by early morning. In the last several hours, we have had over 40 additional requests for help due to being laid off work TODAY. This is an additional 65 children and their parents.
Donation Instructions:
Many of these families are coming to us as they've already maxed out on government support, cannot qualify for it, or have been turned away from other agencies who are at capacity. Right now, we will not turn away families requesting help but we are asking if anyone can make monetary donations to assist with this need, please do so through online e-giftcards at this time. This is giving us the fastest avenue to supplement our emergency donations fund and help as fast as possible - plus you'll have a gift card to use later when the world gets back to normal. We will be taking donations from 8 AM - 8 PM each day, as we are prepared for this number to continue to rise. Any questions, please email us at! Thanks, Tedi Ellis - Owner
This program was confirmed on: March 17, 2020
Program Needs:
We are looking for the following donations to help as many families as possible:
  1. Canned goods, especially vegetables, fruits, soups, and meats.
  2.  Peanut butter!!
  3. Bread, eggs, and milk
  4. Packages of ramen noodles, boxed pasta, and canned sauce.
  5. Cereals, microwavable popcorn packages, applesauce, and other shelf stable items.
  6. Bottled water - the majority of our families do not have access to drinking water!
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