Program Overview:
At Woodhaven, our mission is not just about providing supports, it is about working toward a fundamental shift in how the community perceives people with disabilities.
Donation Instructions:
Please contact Leigh Anne Haun at for more information.
This program was confirmed on: March 17, 2020
Program Needs:
  • Write cards to the individuals that we serve. With both schools closing and kids needing meaningful activities and the individuals we serve facing limited opportunities to get out and socialize, they would love cards! If your family would like to be pen pals with one of our homes, please contact: Leigh Anne Haun at
  • Monetary Donations As with other organizations, we are facing many challenges. We simply do not have the option to cease operations. We are going to need increased resources for staff taking on overtime to ensure care. We will need additional resources to assist the individuals we serve who are temporarily out of work. Every dollar, as it always has, is utilized considering first and foremost the health and safety of the men and women we serve. Over the following weeks of uncertainty, every dollar will provide stability. Donations can be made online at or by calling 573-876-7327
  • Paper Drive We recognize that everyone is securing the items they need to provide for their families. We ask that if you have the ability, each of our 45 homes and apartments need supplies: cleaning and sanitization supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, dish detergent, etc. This is a constant need year round and has just been amplified due to the current climate. Go to At the bottom, there is a link “Wish List” which links to an Amazon wishlist.
  • Staffing We are now hiring on-call staff. We have competitive wages and paid training. In order to maintain the highest quality of care in the coming weeks, we are going to need staff. If you have interest in assisting in this way or have experienced temporary job loss due to closures, we are hiring. Go to to apply.
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